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ClassPad Help Series
Australian Senior Secondary Curriculum

The Senior Secondary Curriculum version of this site covers specific skills for each of the new Year 11 and 12 courses.

Use the tabs above or the links below to choose a course and unit pair.

General/Applications Units 1&2 Units 3&4
Methods Units 1&2 Units 3&4
Specialist Units 1&2 Units 3&4

Mastery of the ClassPad applications listed on the above pages is a good first step towards success in those questions of the final course examination in which CAS calculator use is assumed.


Over the time span during which these movies were created, our ClassPads were running OS versions from 03.02 up to 03.06. As a result, you may see slightly different layouts of the keyboard and other screens.

Main Site

The complete collection of videos and help sheets (organised by basic, intermediate and advanced skills) can be found here.