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ClassPad Help Series

Help Series for ClassPad II.
Australian Senior Secondary Course users can access
the Help Series by course and unit.

New Oct 2022! Videos converted to mp4 format.

ClassPad Help Series - a resource for both students and teachers. Make sure you check through all of the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced sections for the help you require. These section titles are intended to reflect your stage of development with ClassPad, rather than math ability, although 'harder' math concepts have been kept to the Advanced section.


The movies and documents in the Basic section are intended for both students and teachers who are just starting out with ClassPad. No prior knowledge is needed or assumed.


The movies and documents in the Intermediate section are intended for students and teachers who are looking to develop their ClassPad skills.


The movies and documents in the Advanced section are intended for students and teachers who are comfortable ClassPad users.

Complete Collection

The complete collection of 161 help sheets can be downloaded as a single pdf document CP000 ClassPad Help Series.pdf.


Over the time span during which these movies were created, our ClassPads were running OS versions from 03.02 up to 03.06. As a result, you may see slightly different layouts of the keyboard and other screens. You can download the latest OS from Casio.

Movies were created using the free Cam Studio recorder. Screen shots in the documents were created using ClassPad Manager.

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