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Classpad Help Series - Intermediate

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Starting Out In Main

040 Rounding PDF
041 Sequence: What Is My Rule PDF
042 Eliminate Function PDF
043 Creating User Defined Functions PDF
044 Edit And Delete User Defined Functions PDF
045 Composite Functions PDF
046 Piecewise Defined Functions PDF
047 Angle Tips PDF
050 Random Numbers PDF
051 Assign And Delete Values To Variables PDF
055 Matrix Operations PDF

Working In Main

140 Differentiation Basics PDF
141 Equation Of Tangent To Curve PDF
142 Integration Basics PDF

Solving Equations

240 Restrict Range Of Solutions With Trig Equations PDF
250 Solve System Of Equations With 3 Unknowns PDF

Graph and Table

340 Jump To An Exact Coordinate PDF
341 Show Gradient When Tracing PDF
342 Modify Tool PDF
343 Equation Of Tangent To Curve PDF
344 Definite Integration PDF
345 Linear Programming PDF
346 Piecewise Defined Functions PDF
347 Graph Of Derivative PDF

Statistics and Lists

440 Histogram Class Intervals PDF
441 Prediction From Regression Line PDF
442 Residuals And Residual Plots PDF


543 Reducible Interest PDF
544 Annuities PDF
545 Smoothing Time Series PDF
550 Dice Simulation PDF


630 File Management PDF
631 Add Strip Help PDF
632 Cascade Style eActivity PDF
633 eActivity Tips PDF
641 Ambiguous Case Of Sine Rule PDF


741 Angle in a Semi-Circle PDF
742 Angles in the Alternate Segment PDF
743 Angles in the Same Segment PDF
744 Cyclic Quadrilaterals PDF
745 Lengths of Tangents PDF
746 Tangents and Radii PDF
747 The Central Angle PDF
755 Coordinate Geometry: Enclosed Area PDF
756 Coordinate Geometry: Perpendicular Line PDF
757 Modifying Labels of Objects PDF
760 Transformation Of Objects PDF


840 Compound Interest PDF
841 Reducible Interest PDF

Other Applications

940 Verify Tool In Main PDF

Complete Collection

The complete collection of help sheets can be downloaded as a single pdf document CP000 Classpad Help Series.pdf.